Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Tuesday At Cinequest

Today I saw 2 films – but due to entering one of them late, I feel it would be unfair to give a review based on an incomplete viewing.

The film Four Lovers was not what I expected – when one hears there’s a film about sex, couples and exploring relationships there’s the certain amount of sex and exploration expected. But this film was very down to earth in a way that was more honest and less titillating than expected given what implications sex has in American cinema. Obviously I should have read the description of the film and realized the french attitudes would be reflected more. However I was both late to the film, and I failed to read the descriptions. That being said it was well acted, well shot, the characters were well developed and I’m sure if I showed up on time the film would make a lot more sense as it took me a while to figure out which couple was which given their swap. Given that I was late and missed the intro – I can’t say much more other than what I saw was well done.

Following that I saw another sex based film Come As You Are which tells the story of three handicapped men going on a roadtrip to lose their virginity. An honest portrayal of desire not just for sex but for normalcy, connection, and life as one faces his worsening illness and the others enjoy leaving home and the first taste of independence. With two in wheelchairs and one blind, the standard road trip adventures are made all the more difficult, and their relationship with the nurse hired for the trip make the journey that much more amusing. I found this a much sweeter film than I expected with tender moments and raw emotions in much greater abundance than the crash humor one expects from a film about men on a road trip. It was definitely an enjoyable film to watch though it wouldn’t match my festival favorites. Fans of Little Miss Sunshine will likely enjoy this one.

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